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The History of Arbry and Arbry Linens

arbry-inner-new-logoWhen our founding fathers created the Arbry® brand name in 1947 they wanted to encapsulate the core values of their newly emerging company to be known as ‘Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd’.

Our Arbry® linen brand name was to reflect the core beliefs and values the company aspired to in 1947 and still subscribes to over 66 years later!

We hope that in seeing the Arbry® brand name our customers will understand and identify with our core principles.

These are:

  • Genuine quality service and real value for money
  • A clear policy to develop the potential of every employee in the company
  • To guarantee equality of opportunity and respect for everyone
  • To value the past but to embrace the future with continuous improvement
  • To embrace new textile technologies and developments
  • To keep in harmony with and to remain true to our customers’ needs and aspirations
  • To protect the environment and promote global ethical issues
  • To always go the extra mile

These values saturate every fibre of Thomas Kneale and Arbry®, constantly energising its interaction in both the supply chain and distribution channels.

In today’s highly competitive market we seek to provide excellent service and value underpinned by trust, loyalty, integrity and respect. We hold that this will both create and nurture an important relationship with our customers that is neither short lived nor opportunistic but one spanning the long term and being fully sustainable, honest and dependable.

We hope that whenever you see the Arbry® brand name, these positive characteristics will reasonate with you, our valued customer.

Shaun Killingley and Richard J. Manville
Directors, Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd

And all the staff.