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Our Heritage & Arbry Brand

Thomas Kneale has changed significantly from its post-war origins as Thos. Kneale, a mail order house offering value-for-money household textiles direct to the general public via adverts in the popular press

Around 35 years ago our focus shifted completely from retail to business-to-business, and we had a significant switch to contract-based commercial operations, supplying bulk textiles and related requirements to residential institutions and accommodation providers.

Based in central Manchester, home of the UK's textile industry and mail-order sector, the original Thos. Kneale grew to become one of the leading mail order houses in the country, supplying a wide range of household textiles. As the company evolved, it began to focus on supplying in bulk to residential institutions from Her Majesty’s Government departments to remote hostels with every conceivable variation in between.

In a time long before the birth of online retail TK’s products were promoted using the Arbry brand which represented quality and value. Together with the original Arbry logo two popular mottos were printed on all catalogues and brochures:

“Our aim is your satisfaction” and “Rarely beaten on price; never beaten on service”

As evidenced by a proven track record for excellence over its 75 year evolution TK has remained committed to timeless core values in customer service not as a separate function but as an integral part of every aspect of our corporate activity.

Thos. Kneale quickly learnt a fundamental mail order lesson:

  • Deliver next day and up to 50% of advert respondents re-ordered immediately
  • After 2/3 days this figure halved
  • Same week fell to 10%
  • Later still was unlikely to see a follow-up sale

... you can guess which response target TK performance homed in on! Trust plays such a pivotal role in determining customer loyalty and nothing builds confidence faster than keeping or even exceeding promises made.

In parity with product quality, new product development and supply chain management, TK’s service epitomises our Arbry brand values and helps explain how we consistently achieve best overall value and remain a supplier of choice.

Heritage Arbry 1
Heritage Arbry 1
Heritage Arbry 2
Heritage Arbry 2

Trust TK - Quality Products On Time, In Place, As Promised

Even though we now operate a very different business model run on a much bigger scale and have global reach, building trust in every aspect of TK commercial activity is as central to our operation today as it ever was.

Creating positive relationships that make a meaningful difference remains key for us. Emergency services, hospitals or prisons can often require urgent responses as, by definition, they handle matters of life or death. We bring equal resolve to meet all customer expectations and actively measure and assess our performance in a quest for continuous improvement.

Nurturing strong and effective partnerships can only be achieved by instilling equivalent trust throughout our dedicated team. Thomas Kneale is blessed with loyal and committed colleagues, who are each empowered to perform professionally to their honest best.

Prioritising personal development, mission awareness, well-being and safety matures into a collective determination to meet or exceed customer demands, whether in terms of product performance or service expectations. This is part of our corporate DNA, indeed woven into our very fabric if you prefer that in a textile company!

Either way some things from our humble origins are just too precious to change or let go of, which explains why our Arbry brand remains prominent and Thomas Kneale HQ is named Arbry House.

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While much of our product range is in regular, continuous production, we create bespoke options for our customers to ensure we can meet your complete satisfaction.

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