How Hospital Bedding Can Prevent Infection

MRSA in Hospitals

MRSA stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Infection with MRSA bacteria mainly occurs in patients already ill in hospital and it can be difficult to treat.

Bacteria can invade the skin and cause infection which is more likely if a cut or graze allows bacteria access below the surface of the skin. Sometimes bacteria enter the bloodstream and travel to internal parts of the body to cause more serious infections. These serious infections are more likely to occur in people who have a poor immune system.

MRSA is spread from person to person usually by direct skin-to-skin contact. Spread may also occur by touching bed sheets, duvets, pillows, throwovers, towels, clothes, dressings, etc which have been in contact with someone who has MRSA. Infections in hospital can be kept down if all hospital staff adhere strictly to good hygiene measures.

Wipeclean Duvets & Pillows

duvet-clean-thumbA key measure to reduce the spread of infection is the use of wipe clean hospital bedding, duvets and pillows. Many doctors and nurses acknowledge the shortcomings of standard fabric pillows with plastic covers in providing necessary patient care, comfort and hygiene standards that modern nursing techniques demand in the fight against cross infection. This is why Wipeclean Stitchfree Duvets and Pillows designed for hospital use are the preferred choice. They are completely sealed and without a single stitch which means that no bacteria, viruses or soiled liquids can penetrate the duvets or pillows. Thus the risks of cross infection and contamination are totally removed when the bedding items are cleaned as instructed.

Keeping Hospital Bedding Clean is Essential

Although the cleaning instructions for these wipe clean duvets and pillows are simple, making sure they are carried out is an essential element in the prevention of infections.

If lightly soiled it is sufficient to wipe the duvet with hot water and detergent. However, if heavily soiled the duvet should be cleaned with neutral detergent and water (e.g. 1% hospec). Should potentially infectious materials, e.g. body fluids, be spilt these should be removed with detergent and disinfected with one of the following approved formulations: clear soluble phenolic (e.g. Clearsol 1% stericol 2%; a chlorine releasing agent e.g. Sodium Hyperchlorate or nadcc 1000-10,000 ppm available chlorine; 70% alcohol i.e. ims or ipa.) Disposable cloths should be used for cleaning, drying and wiping up spillage.

The battle to win the war against hospital acquired infections is a long one but with the range of Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd hospital bedding now available some significant steps have been taken in the right direction.

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