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Specialist Anti-Ligature Products

For vulnerable and often segregated individuals classified as being at risk of self harm, whether in a secure hospital or custodial environment.

Our range of specialist anti-ligature seclusion products have been specifically designed in consultation with the prison, police and psychiatric bodies to help prevent the incident of self harm or suicide.

The anti-ligature seclusion pillows, blankets and clothing each have multiple methods of construction and barriers integral to each item in order to ensure a high level of protection. All products are flame retardant and have a high tensile strength which makes it extremely difficult to rip or tear.

Specialist Anti-Ligature Products

Anti-Ligature Blankets

The Anti-ligature blanket is available in both category A and a reinforced option which is produced with additional stitching for greater enhanced safety. The design concept behind this product is to reduce the risk of self harm when alone albeit with supervision at rest time.

The blanket provides warmth and comfort and most importantly is engineered to minimise the risk of self-harm. The visible feature of the contrasting red stitching enables early detection of deconstructive effort by the enhanced watch team.

  • Navy fabric with red stitching to easily allow inspection of picking or deconstruction attempts
  • Needle punched polyester for additional strength
  • Multiple layers of flame retardant polyester outer with layered stitches inside out for protective and hidden stitching
  • Mass of safety stitching with overlocking providing maximum protection
  • Complies with BS tests for high breaking strength (BS2576), high tear strength (BS4303), dimensional change after washing (BS4923), snagging, abrasion (BS5690)
  • Wash at 71ºC in line with thermal disinfection, do not use bleach
  • 122cms x 196cms

Anti-Ligature Pillows

Designed to add comfort, safety and to co-ordinate with the specialist blanket, the pillow has a quilted flame retardant outer and inner filling.

The ticking is produced from a navy fire retardant fabric quilted with red stitching to easily allow inspection of attempts at deconstruction.

  • Inner with Fire Retardant BS7175 Source 5 pillow
  • Mass of safety stitching with several overlocking providing maximum protection
  • Complies with BS tests for high breaking strength (BS2576), high tear strength (BS4303), dimensional change after washing (BS4923), snagging, abrasion (BS5690)
  • Wash at 60ºC, do not use bleach
Anti-ligature Suit
Anti-ligature Smock

Anti-Ligature Clothing

Our anti-ligature tops, shorts and smock have been engineered to provide warmth and safety for the wearer. They are constructed from a quilted composition consisting of a 2ply 100% knitted fully flame retardant fabric in a soft grey suitable for both male and female patients.

The 100% knitted polyester is used in the production of our special risk clothing due to its unique characteristics of tear and tensile strength. Once quilted this only enhances its strength making it increasingly difficult to tear and roll into a ligature thus reducing the risk to the wearer.

  • Available as top and shorts set or individually
  • Alternatively as a single piece smock
  • Small to 6XL for a comfortable fit • 2 ply knitted 100% polyester with 3.2cm box stitch • Grey with contrasting black thread
  • Wash at 71ºC in line with thermal disinfection, do not use bleach
  • Extensively used in segregation units in prisons, custodial locations and psychiatric hospitals
  • Outer: 100% FR Polyester
Detainee Clothing 1
Detainee Clothing 2

Detainee Clothing

Our contract clothing is supplied to HMPs for prisoner clothing issue, police custody suites for detainee clothing, immigration/border force authorities and the homeless for destitute clothing.

Our product range includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging bottoms, boxers shorts, socks, female underwear and footwear.

In the custodial sector the items are specified for this high risk environment as the jogging bottoms have no front or side pockets and the ankle cuffs contain no elastic. This feature prevents concealment of unauthorised items.

The jogging bottoms do not have a drawstring in the waistband to avoid a ligature point. Clothing items generally are charcoal grey and unisex with a rationalised size range.

  • From Small up to 5XL
  • T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Jogging bottoms
  • High performance polycotton fleece material
  • Wash at 40° C
  • HMP approved

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