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Logistics Operations

Whenever and however delivery is required, our experienced team will ensure it is based on your needs.

Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations

On time delivery, to the right place, on a suitably sized vehicle with the correct ordered items and quantities.

It sounds simple yet we know things can go wrong. That is why we leave nothing to chance and plan deliveries carefully, with customer input always welcomed. In doing this, we don’t look to make a delivery when it suits us, but when our customers want or need goods. In fact, we open daily at 3am or even earlier, and we have vehicles on the road each day from soon after.

Goods can travel the length and breadth of the UK to arrive when a customer is opening up because it suits their schedule. We can also reduce the carbon emissions with vehicles travelling off peak on quieter roads. But we also deliver throughout the day- we don’t expect everyone to be such early birds!

We set and measure our own KPI’s and gather customer feedback as part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, so that we can see how we are doing and correct things quickly if issues arise. We keep the KPI’s intentionally simple and measurable:-

  • 98% order fulfilment in 2-3 days of PO receipt
  • 100% of orders delivered on time
  • 100% correct order fulfilment
Logistics Operations Warehouse

Our Logistics team love planning and early starts!

We have a lot of stock to handle- up to £2m worth is held at any one time. This is stored across 4 different warehouses, which aids contingency planning and also to help us compile orders easily and effectively.

With such a diverse range of customers and sectors, we would tend to agree with the notion that no two customers are the same. We deliver to customers who use purpose built warehouses which have easy access, through to one location where we have to wait for the tide to come in before we can make our way to the destination, it really is that diverse.

We deliver to locations operating 24/7 through to Secure Accommodation locations where we have to book in advance and wait our turn on arrival. We deliver a handful of cartons through to full containers or artic lorries. Some customers have minimum space to store goods and need to operate pretty much to a just in time delivery of goods. Others, such as the Emergency Services need rapid delivery at times to ensure continuity of patient comfort and hygiene control.

We know however much planning, things can go wrong on occasion. Bad weather, traffic issues, breakdowns or something else, but our contingency planning for each potential issue means we do not leave things to chance. Vehicles always leave early to provide additional time, all vehicles are state of the art and fully serviced. There are also times where urgent, same day delivery is necessary. From laundry fires to unfulfilled orders from other suppliers, we have been able to step up to the plate because we understand the pressures of our customers.

Rest assured, nothing is too much trouble for our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team. Your problem is our puzzle. We have even been known to visit a customers storage facility to set it up and lay it out for them. As far as we are concerned, it is just part of the service- and an important one at that!

Feel free to pick up to phone to hear a friendly voice at the other end. +44 (0)161 274 4464, or email our team at

Rarely beaten on price, never beaten on service

With logistic operations beginning in advance of 3am each day, we achieve service levels which are hard to beat.

We ensure our delivery vehicles are on the road in the early hours; arriving to at time that makes a difference to our customers. This is key to many sectors where goods are required with specific instruction regarding delivery times, vehicle type and often 'just in time' stock approach.

Talk to our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help you.

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