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Rarely beaten on price, never beaten on service

“The customer perceived value of a product directly relates to his expectation of that product.”
D.Men-Dell – Leading Economist and social commentator.

Quality Assurance (Q.A.) is a broad discipline. If Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd is to produce consistently high quality value for money products then it is crucial it operates an effective Q.A. system throughout its supply chain in the most thorough way possible.

Through a network of dedicated independent third party U.K.A.S. approved and I.S.O. accredited inspection companies, such as Bureau Veritas and Intertek, Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd manages the quality processes to ensure first class results every time.

Through our commissioned Quality Assurance Teams, we oversee quality issues and inspections from pre-production, in-production, final random, pre-shipment and loading supervision to pre-customer delivery.

With a plethora of quality tests available, we select the most appropriate ones to meet specific customer needs, e.g. flammability, colour fastness, light fastness, fibre analysis, chemical testing, Azo dye testing, pilling, tensile strength, wash /dry dimensional stability and so on. All these tests are to recognised British Standards.

Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd recognises the importance of transparency and traceability throughout its supply chain. For this reason, we operate an all encompassing Quality control policy which ensures that we are able to meticulously manage every detail of quality control from raw material stage to finished goods, from yarn spinners to fabric dyers.

With our worldwide team of highly qualified professional technical support staff and our long standing relations with established export mills in all four corners of the globe, Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd’s Quality Assurance Standard is exceptionally high.

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Rarely beaten on price, never beaten on service

With logistic operations beginning in advance of 3am each day, we achieve service levels which are hard to beat.

We ensure our delivery vehicles are on the road in the early hours; arriving to at time that makes a difference to our customers. This is key to many sectors where goods are required with specific instruction regarding delivery times, vehicle type and often 'just in time' stock approach.

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