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Contract Quality Textiles for Maritime & Transportation

The Maritime & Transportation sectors have very specific requirements and performance specifications, relating to the use of Fire Retardant products, given the confined spaces involved. These are governed by relevant bodies/legislation such as The International Maritime Organisation for marine, European wide legislation for Railway Applications and National and International Laws for Air transportation.

Thomas Kneale is highly experienced in manufacturing products compliant to the applicable test standards, with the relevant certificates gained from UKAS approved laboratories.

While legally compliant products are an absolute must, we believe that this should not come at the expense of comfort to aid good quality sleep. As a result, our transportation products have been specifically designed and manufactured with both comfort and compliance in mind.

As requirements will be specific to the end user, we would encourage you to look through our general products pages and then contact us where our knowledgeable team will understand what you are looking for and advise accordingly : –

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Bed linen

Inherently Fire Retardant to the required legislation for the type of transportation. Spunsoft and Satinsoft polyester bed linens, available in several pastel and deep dye shades as well as patterned prints.

Duvets & Pillows

We manufacture fire retardant compliant duvets and pillows that provide fire safety, comfort, warmth and value for money. Non Fire Retardant options available where relevant. We make different tog ratings duvets (4.5 tog to 15 tog+) and pillow weights (500 grams to 900 grams)


Comfort, warmth and longevity are provided with our range of commercial quality blankets which can include a logo or wording to represent your branding.

Mattresses & Protectors

Our comprehensive range of wholesale mattress and pillow protectors will add comfort, warmth, hygiene and protection prolonging the life of both the mattress and pillow making them an essential part of any bedding requirement. With anti-bacterial finishes they act effectively as a barrier against spillages, staining and dust mites.


We offer a wide range of exceptional value for money towels- many sizes, colours and weights to meet performance and product life expectations. Absorbency and functionality are the key focus on our specification.

Shower Curtains & Mats

All sizes, including extra-long and extra-wide sizes, white or a colour. All shower curtains have anti-rust nickel coated eyelets, reinforced headers and lead-weighted hems for strength and performance. Treated with mould inhibitors to withstand humid environments.

Window Coverings

Flame Retardant curtains and blinds are manufactured to window size and can include measuring and fitting as well.

Rarely beaten on price, never beaten on service

With logistic operations beginning in advance of 3am each day, we achieve service levels which are hard to beat.

We ensure our delivery vehicles are on the road in the early hours; arriving to at time that makes a difference to our customers. This is key to many sectors where goods are required with specific instruction regarding delivery times, vehicle type and often 'just in time' stock approach.

Talk to our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help you.

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