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Covid-19 & An Increasing Focus On Hygienic Bedding Choices

As the Covid-19 Pandemic has developed and spread, increasing hygiene protocols is now the new ‘normal’. Returning to everyday activities has seen a clear focus on preventing the spread of the disease – hand sanitiser and facemasks have become the most obvious and regular symbols of the care and attention being taken.

As the hospitality industry has cautiously reopened, accommodation providers have been trying to reassure their customers by implementing additional hygiene measures. Hotels, hostels, sleeper trains, cruise ships and glamping sites are all taking no risks when it comes to the cleaning and changing of linen, however, what about the bedding?

Anti-bacterial products will stop Covid-19 – Fact Vs Fiction

Given the fact that we are learning more about the virus each day, it can be difficult to know what can be believed and what is simply a rumour, propaganda or marketing. The internet is full of sites claiming that ‘anti-bacterial’ products will stop the spread of Coronavirus – in the majority of cases, this is likely not factually correct.

The World Health Organisation keeps an updated webpage of Covid-19 myth busters and this contains a fact that Covid-19 is caused by a virus within a family of viruses called Coronaviridae, not by bacteria.

When assessing the effectiveness of anti-bacterial products, it is important to understand how the spread of microbes is prevented – is this via a barrier method or material selection? With viruses typically being much smaller than bacteria, it would be wrong to assume that all products offer the same level of protection from both.

Anti-bacterial fibres used as a filling for bedding

Metals such as zinc, copper or silver have long been shown to have an effect on a range of microbes – including viruses. With the obvious necessity for increased hygiene protocols, clinical settings typically source various products that are based on the antimicrobial properties inherent in metals.

One such technology is the addition of silver ions to fabrics during the manufacturing process. Silver ions break through the cell walls, disrupt the respiration of the microbe, attaching to its DNA which stops cell replication. When used with hollow fibre fillings, the outcome is the incorporation of an anti-microbial barrier in the products which in turn is effective in preventing bacteria associated infections, respiratory diseases, and pneumonia.

The filling also helps in the reduction of dust mites penetrating the bedding and crucially combats asthma – and as this is known to be a high-risk factor for those that contract Coronavirus, anti-bacterial products may lessen the risk factors of those who contract the virus.

Certifed anti-bacterial bedding here at Thomas Kneale – Complient to test method ASTM E2149

With customer confidence coming from measures taken by organisations in the fight against Covid-19, we have worked to increase the general hygiene rating within our duvets and pillows. In co-operation with our research and development partners in the UK and Overseas, we have developed an anti-bacterial range of filled bedding items covering different sizes and weights of pillows and duvets.

Our products have been certified as anti-bacterial under test method ASTM E2149 with certificate available on request.

Important: Currently we are not aware of any bedding product that has been proven to directly combat Covid-19 – we are advocates of enhanced hygiene standards as best practice. Whilst we are hopeful that certified ‘anti-bacterial’ products may have a direct impact on the spread of the virus, it will likely be limited and may only help with the reduction of associated conditions.

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