Ring Spun Yarn Cotton Towels –v- Open End Yarn Cotton Towels

Which is best? Why should you buy towels made from ring spun cotton yarns instead of towels made from open end yarns?

The quality and end performance of a towel (i.e. its absorbency, strength, softness, appearance and durability) is determined by the quality of yarns selected by the spinners and the weaving loom deployed (air jet looms being among the best in the world).

Also crucial to the final quality of a cotton towel is the length of the cotton staple chosen

Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd only uses long staple ring spun cotton yarns as once woven they will produce a smooth high quality pile and will maintain water absorbency and durability – without losing GSM weight.

This is in stark contrast to conventionally woven Terry towels manufactured on older, less efficient, slower or auto looms which produce many poor quality Grade B items as the yarn used in these looms are also of lower quality.

towel-arbry-para-thumbPower looms use open end cotton yarns which are spun from waste cotton sourced from shorter fibre lengths. The resultant quality of these towels is very poor. As the yarns have to be twisted in a heavy process they produce harsh and rough Terry loops which deteriorate the more they are washed and processed. They are not recommended for a contract or institutional environment. The towel will eventually lose its GSM weight as the shorter fibres will be shed and the weave of the towel will become loose and easily ripped or torn.

To make sure you are investing in only the best quality ring spun cotton towels contact Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd for information on the Arbry® range of towels.

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