Fire Retardant Bedspreads & Throwovers Image

Fire Retardant Bedspreads & Throwovers

Fire retardant bedspreads or throwovers are designed to help protect against accidental or deliberate ignition of the bedding and ideal for hospitals, residential homes, fire brigades for care in the community or any public sector accommodation unit.

Our jacquard bedspreads are inherently flame-retardant and compliant to BS 7175 Ignition and specified to 0 (smouldering cigarette) and 5 (timber crib 20 g newspaper) meeting public sector specifications. Fire safety certificates from independent test houses accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are available upon request.

They can be washed at high thermal disinfection temperatures and engineered with lasting properties to meet the demands of industrial commercial laundering. Repeated washing does not reduce the flame retardant performance.

We offer a range of colours, our most popular ones are gold and pastel blue.

Available in both single (178cms x 250cms) and double sizes (230cms x 250cms).

Weighing 260GSM it provides warmth, comfort and protection to hospital patients, elderly people and other vulnerable members of society.

Available Colours