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Extra Long Shower Curtains / Extra Wide

Most shower curtains are standard size, 180cms x 180cm, however increasingly we are being asked to supply non standard size shower curtains.

The need for these extra long shower curtains is due to several factors such as ceiling height, awkward spaces and whether a shower tray or shower cubicle is to be fitted.

Today many shower curtain fitters are asked to fit the shower curtain rail to the ceiling with wall brackets for extra strength and this creates the need for an increased drop requirement in the length of the shower curtain.

The widths tend to remain at 180cms (although we do receive requests for extra wide shower curtains) but the drops can range from 180cm to 250cms. We keep a wide range of sizes in stock and can also provide to order any other size required.

Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd has adapted its range of shower curtains to meet just about any drop and width and can meet almost all requirements.